About Maria

Maria van der Laar, Sculptor.

As a child she was visiting the Kroller Muller museum in the Netherlands with her parents and she was completely catched by the sculptures of Rhodin and Lipschitz. Since then, she knew this was going to be it.

At home, her mom bought the first package of clay. She created her own studio at the attic of her father’s blacksmithery. When the studio was complete, she went playing outside with friends. Many years later she found the package with clay, still reminding her great deep wish to sculpt.

She started to follow all kind of art classes, in ceramics and even goldsmithery, until she found workshops of portrait-sculpting. She aspired to follow the best education and found it at the Arendonck Academy of Art (Belgium).

She loves to create portraits, figures and free art works. Inspired by her models and great artists like Rhodin and contemporary Dutch artists. Also painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Lucien Freud inspired her for the expressive way to sculpt: with a sensitive, scenic touch.

She creates her art with clay to work in this earth; to express her models. Clay is so gentle and malleable. The moment the sculpture is finished is determined by the “Yes-I got It” feeling that outreaches from her inside.

The sculptures are powerful, her touch expressive and the looks sensitive and resemblance striking. Except clay she uses wax, metal and iron thread, charcoal, wood and new biobased materials for her free artworks & art projects.

She always feels honored when asked to create a sculpture, portrait or figure. It is a way of social and cultural involvement. The exposure to the unique people and the world we live in. Her artworks shows she is touched by the people and this world.

She exposes her work in special places and likes to join Land-art. You can find her artworks in private, governmental and museal collections in the Netherlands, the US and Germany.


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